Miscellaneous Tech Talk – 011

It is done in a long time since I did an update here.  So before publishing a new episode I needed to 1st update the WordPress software and the plug-ins.

Talked about some of my favorite long lasting podcasts and one that is no longer around.

Have you noticed that everyone’s getting into offering cloud storage.  will I have and I have probably an account with most of the big players.  that gives me somewhere over 55 GB of free or next to free space to play with.


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Saving Money on Large Purchases – 010

Amazon box Not done an episode in a while but this one is something that could be very useful. I express my thoughts about saving money by purchasing large items by mail order.  Some the things I talk about here may not work for everyone. It all has to do with whether you’re state makes all mail-order companies collect sales tax.  After reading an article in our local newspaper some months ago it gave me a little insight to some of the deals I state has made.

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Linux – 009

Again it’s been quite a while since I did my last post. But as you can see in this episode I have been quite busy.

This episode I talk about Linux and my past experiences with linux along with some of the books I have ordered so that I can teach myself more about it and I also have installed it on my laptop.

Linux mint 10.0 is the distribution that I am using on my laptop and in a virtual machine on my desktop. The reason for using that distribution is the ease of installation and the proprietary software that they already have installed. Makes it easy for me to use my Wi-Fi card play DVDs and MP3s.

Cakewalk UA-25EX USB Audio Interface works vary well with Linux Mint 10.



Linux in a Nutshell, Sixth Edition

Apache HTTP Server Reference Manual – for Apache version 2.2.17

Linux Administration : A Beginner’s Guide, Fifth Edition

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Furnace Down – 008

Last Thursday I woke up to a little chill in the house and I found that our 15-year-old furnace had quit working sometime in the middle of the night.

In this episode of my Audio Blog Journal you’ll hear what I went through to finally get it fixed more than a day later.

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Road Trip – 007

This episode covers several days, it starts out with me driving and recording in the car and ends with me back in the studio with nice clean audio.

2011 Chevys Cruze is the car I was driving for the two days that cover this podcast. There was quite a bit of pretty neat technology stuff in this car.

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Decided on HostGator.com – 006

Started out to be pretty rocky business relationship with hostgator.com but they were really responsible to my concerns and after a few days they were able to correct the problems and even gave me one free month of service.

Still learning Plesk 10 but now have successfully transferred a website over to the new server and it is working perfectly.

Have some security concerns about our GRRN forum that I need to start addressing, hopefully before the move to the new server. Reality maybe after.

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Virtual Private Servers – 005

Most of Saturday, January 22, 2009 was spent looking for the best and inexpensive virtual private server to upgrade to.

Primary servers I use are with 1&1.com and because I have used them for so many years I am quite familiar with their unique management system. There are some people out there that do not care for the way they do things but because I had never used anything before I am quite familiar with now.1&1

But it is a real problem when I try other hosting companies because their management systems are entirely different. A lot of the hosting companies I have tested over the years use cPanel. We also have a secondary server on a host that is using cPanel and I hate having to use it. There must be enough complaints out there about it that some of the hosting companies are trying to start skinning it themselves to make it more user friendly.

I tested out site5.com and they did a pretty decent job at hiding cPanel but there were still some very annoying things left.


Also been testing out on hostgator.com using Plesk. Plesk is totally different than any management system that I have used and it will probably take some time getting used to it but it looks like it is fairly simple but slightly more complicated than the management system that 1&1.com is using. I think the real key here is to be able to have enough flexibility to do more advanced tasks in the management system but not make it so overly complicated that only the high-end server geek can understand it.


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Sad Day – 004

In the process of recording this episode I realized that it was January 21 and that date reminded me that it was my sister’s 40th birthday. Unfortunately she passed away at age 26 from complications of alcoholism. Not one to easily remember birthdays or other significant dates very well, but this is one that I catch every year, unfortunately.

This episode I talk a little bit about work and some additional problems I had with that database migration. Also they did publish the letter I sent into our local newspaper.

Reactionary legislation does nothing

iTunes has now accepted this podcast into their database.

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Starting Again – 003

Well after creating this audio journal/blog over six months ago and telling myself I was going to try to do it several times a week. We can all see by the website that I did not. Never even submitted the feed to iTunes and even forgot the website will still active.

So I came across my efforts again today and decided I was going to start it back up and have even submitted the feed to iTunes tonight. No promises on how far this will go but I would like to use it to talk about things that just don’t seem to fit anywhere else on any of my other podcasts.

The meantime consumer or for today was been able to update a WordPress install that was using a MySQL 4 database to a MySQL 5 database. This was something I needed to do because WordPress no longer supports MySQL 4 and I was unable to update my WordPress installation with the newest security fixes.

But you could listen to all that in the podcast/journal.

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New WordPress Plug-ins -002

This episode of the audio blog I talk about some new WordPress plug-ins I found while setting up this site. It’s a great opportunity to find some very useful plug-ins that I may be able to use in some of my other websites. I think several of these may be of great interest to some of you.



Android App Share

I am reading

PayPal Donations



South Bend, Indiana - River Walk

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