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Who are you going to call to protect your children?

Some in our country are going crazy because of a few law enforcement officers that have made mistakes. Yes, the mistakes have cost lives and they will have to deal with that. But the push to remove law enforcement officers … Continue reading

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Vote NO South Bend

South Bend Community schools are requesting additional tax money from you on the referendum that you can vote for in the primary June 2nd, 2020. South Bend Community schools like most governments in our community do not manage taxpayer resources … Continue reading

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Make Contact: NOW!

I know most of you already know this but I feel the need to make those of you that may not aware of it. This is going to be an extremely hard time for representatives that support your right to … Continue reading

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New NRA Bumper Stickers

I am a benefactor Life member of the National Rifle Association and proud of it. Here are some new bumper stickers for my truck.

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Feed Ramp UP – CNC Program

So I work in a high production environment where every 10th-seconds matters when it comes to cycle time on our CNC machine. We’ve been having an issue with early failures on some of our PCD diamond custom tools. See I … Continue reading

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TEKTRONIX 2465B Oscilloscope

Had been looking for an older oscilloscope for quite a while and found this one at auction for a very good price. It’s in excellent condition and from the sticker on the side it looks like it was owned by … Continue reading

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Site back running again

Probably no one noticed but I finally did after four months that my site was down. Apparently December 4th 2018 my site when into maintenance mode to update and never came out of it. Shows how much time I pay … Continue reading

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Fake Gun Owners

The picture below of Jeff, the fake gun owner which is being distributed by anti-gun groups to make Americans believe that gun owners side with and not with the National Rifle Association NRA.   Below is a picture of … Continue reading

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Moved to a New Server Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSSWebsites on the slow side for a while and I’ve been resisting moving it because my experience in the past is it could be a real pain to get it moved and got … Continue reading

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Problem with Multimeters?

Do you collect things that you consider useful or you just have a fascination with something and you just keep buying? While I have several, Ballpoint pens, knives, reloading equipment and supplies, and multimeters. I have 10 multimeters…..why? Is there … Continue reading

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