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Websites on the slow side for a while and I’ve been resisting moving it because my experience in the past is it could be a real pain to get it moved and got everything working.

Four days ago I decided to start moving all my domain names from over to Most of the domain names are unused at this time, so it was reasonably easy to move them to hover. In the past, it was a real pain and took long periods of time to get one domain name moved. I moved about 20 of them, and it only took about five minutes apiece. Which is an improvement over the way it used to be?

When I got down to my last couple domains, it was going to be a little bit more difficult because I was using them. Which meant was I going to continue hosting my website on or would I be moving it to a different server? I have had some issues with how fast the server is that I am on now. I only have a couple of WordPress blogs but it is shared hosting, and sometimes it can be very sluggish for what I am hosting which is not much. I get emails from them from time to time trying to upsell me to improve the speed, but I’m not looking to spend any more money for something that I am hardly using.

Previously I had hosting with,, and and so I decided to back and look at them again. Decided not to look at because their website was always jampacked with selling and was hard to navigate. Still had logins for and, so I logged in to see what kind of options they had and pricing. Couldn’t find the right fit for what I wanted so I started investigating a little more.

wordpress hosting

Found some websites that had stories about the best hosting companies. Sometimes you have to wonder if they did any investigating it all on some of these all of the reviews seem to be about the same. Then I noticed a hosting company that I was not aware of before look to have what I was interested in, and I didn’t even know such a thing was available. So I used to my domains for WordPress blogs, and I was looking for someplace to host it. They offered a web hosting plan that allowed me to domain names using a dedicated WordPress server. What’s a dedicated WordPress server? It turns out it’s optimized just for WordPress installs.

Now you have to move on to the audio part of this blog for the rest of the story.


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