Problem with Multimeters?

Do you collect things that you consider useful or you just have a fascination with something and you just keep buying?

While I have several, Ballpoint pens, knives, reloading equipment and supplies, and multimeters.

I have 10 multimeters…..why? Is there one better than another?

I don’t really know I just have this fascination with different meters and some of them have some different functionality but in general it’s a multimeter they all pretty much do the same thing.

YouTube has a lot of videos on different reviews for multimeters. Sometimes I watch three or four of them and then have the urge to buy a new multimeter.

Fluke 16 & 73, Dawson DOM230B, PK Precison 2709B, Amprobe 30XRA, Brymen BM235, Simpson 260-8P, Greenlee DM300 & DM830A, and Sperry DSA-300

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