Samsung Washer – Temperature Sensor Problem

Samsung Washer Temperature Sensor Problem

17 months after the last repair of my Samsung washing machine we ended up with an another issue that started given us problems right at the end of the visit of our children and grandchildren from Texas.

Samsung front loader washing machine

It started out as an intermittent problem and steadily got to the point where the machine would no longer run. It was displaying a fault code tE. The code translates as temperature sensor problem and so I looked up the temperature sensor for my make and model and found it was about $20 and ordered one.

Samsung washing machine model

Approximately 3 days later I received the part which looks like just a piece of metal with two wires coming out of it with a plug at the end.

Samsung Temperature Thermistor

Replacement took maybe 20 minutes and then tested the machine to find out we still have the error code. The machine will not run with this error code. So I start checking water temperatures, probably should’ve done in the first place. But it looks okay. But I still try and adjust the temperatures and it still does not work. Get my meter out and check the solenoid valves for the water inlet and they appear to be working properly.

Check the pressure switch for the water level thinking maybe if the vacuum switch isn’t working properly that may be that’s why I’m getting a temperature sensor error. So I remove it and it appears that it’s not working all the time. It was kind of tricky to blow error and check it with my meter at the same time. I thought why not order another one just in case. Couple days later and it didn’t work either.

Pressure Switch

So now I’m taking my wife down to the laundry mat again because of this crappy Samsung washing machine. She’s not happy and I’m not happy about the issues this time either.

So now I’m thinking well obviously maybe there’s something wrong with the wiring so I start checking the connections from the temperature sensor to the control panel. I appear to be getting good readings so. At this point maybe it’s the main control panel. I look at the cost of the main control panel compared to buying a new machine and we make the decision just order another part. Decided at this time not to pay for the expedited shipping.

Main control board comes in and you guessed it and did not work. So now we’ve got quite a bit of money tied up in two parts and a washing machine that still does not work. At this point, I am ready to give up and we decide to go look at a new top loader washing machine after I get off work.

Main Control Board

Jumping forward the new machine is installed and the old one that has given me so many problems over the years is sitting in the driveway. at this point I’m going to remove the new parts I put on the nonworking machine and help someone who comes by looking for scrap metal will take.

Pressure Sensor Connection

In the process of taking off the new temperature sensor the female plug on the machine side. Came right off into my hands and I was like you’ve got to be kidding me. Could it have been this whole time that that plug was just barely hanging in there?

I spliced in the old plug after cutting off its connector and using a European-style Terminal Strip. And would you believe it the error code is gone and the machine now works?

What the hell I just bought all these parts and a brand-new washing machine to find out it was just a couple wires that were just barely hanging. I had taken off the other temperature sensor several times without ever noticing the plug being loose. The wiring harness they had has the plug just kind of flopping around. I can imagine when it’s doing a spin cycle at thing is really moving so it probably it was probably where was just so brittle it just broke off.

Removed Connectors

We decided to put the old machine up for sale and after a week of no hits, we decided to put it back into the basement. This could not bring me to selling this piece of crap to somebody else. We could always use it as a backup someday if I wanted to have a nervous breakdown over having to repair it again maybe.


HSpliced Blockopefully, maybe you’ll learn something from all the fun I have had with my lovely front loader Samsung washing machine.

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