Samsung Washer Repair – Excessive Vibration

IMG_0161 (Small)

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  1. Paul Crowe says:

    Im in the same boat with my washer. In image 161 there is that bolt in the center of the wheel. Did you remove that bolt at anytime? If so when did you remove it and how? With all my force I can barely get it to turn. I’m trying to figure out the best order in which to tackle this repair.

    • Mark Vanderberg says:


      Yes I did remove it that is the shaft that is connected to the flange adapter. So you might not have seen the follow-up post with the pictures of it removed. Part two of the post click on the link.

      Basically I just took a wrench and a rubber mallet tapping on the wrench counterclockwise until it loosened. It does spin freely so you will have to spinning back a couple times, but it will break loose.

  2. Paul Crowe says:

    Thank you!

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