Samsung Washer Repair – Excessive Vibration

Note: The washing machine below that I will be discussing is the Samsung WF210 ANW/XAA

So couple weeks ago I wife mentioned that our washing machine was making a vibrating sound during the spin cycle. the wash machine is kept in our basement so I went down to investigate. Running it through a cycle which for a front loader is considerably longer than a top loader machine.

When we did get to the spin cycle it was vibrating considerably louder than normal. So we got out the troubleshooting manual and checked all the normal items off the list.

  • Is machine level
  • Load balanced properly
  • Not an excessive amount of soap

Everything was okay so it had to be something else.

Started a chat session with Samsung on their tech support site. Which they were no help they just ran me through everything I’ve already had done. so I asked if they had some online documentation for a more extensive troubleshooting and repair of the machine. They said no they do not recommend anyone other than a certified appliance repair person to work on them. I said I’m pretty handy and I think I can take care of it if I had the documentation. They said I could buy some….. No I don’t think so.

Watched a few YouTube videos but could not find one for my exact machine. It turns out that a lot of front loader machines are fairly similar. Removing the front of our machine and thought I found the problem with 2 shock absorbers that appeared not to be working very well.

It was late on a Friday night what I thought was the problem.

Samsung wash machine shock absorber (LEFT) Samsung wash machine shock absorber (RIGHT)
Saturday morning I went down to my local appliance repair parts store first thing at 8 AM when they opened.

Found out they do not carry Samsung parts and that nobody locally does. Had to get on the Internet and find the shock absorbers. Problem was that most places only had one. I needed to replace all four. Front two only seem like the bad ones but if I’m in there armadas will replace all of them. They were less than nine dollars apiece. Ended up purchasing two of them from eBay from someone in state and then found another online store that had two more.

When they came in I replaced the front two and then check the back two to find that they were perfectly good. Side and replace them.

Now the test……. pretty much no change. If anything may be slightly louder.

By this time we were running a little short on clothing so I let my wife use the machine as is until I can investigate further.

Took me about a week to get back to look at it. In that time my wife had done some research on the Internet. She saw that some people were having problems with an item that they call the flange adapter. It’s the item that attaches the inner drum to a shaft that is spun by the motor.

It looked like a lot of work and something I really did not start doing. You have to tear the entire machine apart to take the drum all part.

Did end up taking the machine apart April 24, 2014 and everything my wife had read about the flange adapter being the problem. It was so corroded and rotted and broken into spots. This is the reason why it was vibrating so badly.

Question how can something get so badly corroded and broke in a washing machine that is just under four years old. Again my wife saw reports of people that said it happened in only two years. Also looks like there had been a class action lawsuit about the problem.

I contacted Samsung after finding the damage. I was told that the warranted was only for 12 months and it is extended to 15 months if you register online. I had asked if they could escalate this to a supervisor. They agreed and took all my information so that somebody could call me. At the time of this post more than 24 hours has passed and I have not received a phone call. They have my home number and my cell number. I don’t expect to receive one and I have ordered a replacement part.

We will probably replace the bearings just because it’s a vibration might have damaged them. Also some had reported that when pieces of the flange shaft adapter broke off they got into the pump and broke off the propeller blades. I took ours apart and there appears to be no damage. Luckily the filter basket  caught the ones that we found.

The plan is to have a friend of mine that does powder coating to powder coat the replacement part so that it does not corrode like the original. Sure do not want to have to do this every four years.

Also we’ve decided not to purchase Samsung appliances and electronics in the future.

Samsung Washer Repair – Part 2

UPDATED: Added the videos below on January 19 2016 (videos not done by me but I thought they would be helpful)

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110 Responses to Samsung Washer Repair – Excessive Vibration

  1. Steve Airey says:

    Nice write-up. We have a Samsung Model WF218ANW purchased new in Jan 2010 and in Jan 2014 it has really excessive vibration sufficient to hit and heat the Door Baffle to its destruction. Tried the shocks replacement and new door baffle (Cost $142.00 from Sears delivered in 3days for all 4 shocks [2 rear and 2 different front shocks] and the door baffle). This did not resolve the problem, Further investigation, and complete timely disassembly of just about everything, revealed that the drum/hub 3-prong star cast (?) fixing that holds the Drum-to/motor had fractured one of the 3 star points. Resulting in the imbalance and destruction of the door baffle and of course also damages the bearing at the motor-to-drum. Good news the drum is under warranty; bad news the bearing that is in the drum assembly is not and that’s a very high dollar part making the whole cost of repair (and time)close to buying a new replacement unit. So all in all the machine cost us $150 per year (was $600 new in 2010 and gave 4yrs service life). Samsung make great electronics but appear to have a few more lessons to learn about these washing machines. Getting Whirlpool/LG model as the new replacement.

  2. eduardo says:


  3. Dave says:

    Thanks mark over the weekend I replaced the door boot on my wife’s washer it appeared to have been cut by something in the washer after putting it back together no leaks but I noticed it vibrating a bit so asked the wife she said oh it started doing that last week it’s ok . Then later last night she hollered honey the washer is on fire I went to investigate found the new “$90” door boot was burnt into lol. Now I guess I know why. I’m going to try tear apart tonight to check the adaptor I guess I’m just out the new door boot . Wonder if I should change shocks as well?

  4. Hey – thank you for this info! We have this happening too! SAMSUNG fron loader model # WF419AAW/XAA. Fantastic pictures, this will save me a lot of time.
    – Grateful husband

    • Mark Vanderberg says:

      Peter thank you for leaving a comment. From what I’ve seen it as happened to a lot of owners. Just most of the time the machine is discarded and anyone is purchased. What a waste of money and I don’t like doing that. That’s why I will never purchase one of their products again. Ever!

    • lou says:

      Hey Peter I read your post about the samsung front loader.Did you replace the flange adapter? I’m having the same issues

  5. Ankara Smith says:

    The same thing just happened to my Samsung WF338 front loading washer. I did one load and hear a very loud sound during the spin cycle. I thought maybe something was unbalanced and didn’t worry too much. So, I stated doing another load. As soon as the water started pouring into the machine, the washer started slowly leaking and then water began gushing out all over the floor. I thought a pipe had broken so I turned everything off, including the water. The repairman who came found pieces that looked like rocks in the filter and, when he opened the whole thing up, there was something that looked like sand and larger pieces that look exactly like your flange adapter images. He suggested that, somehow, rocks got into the wash because that’s what the pieces look like. He didn’t say anything about the flange adapter corroding but, after reading your post, that’s exactly what happened. Unfortunately, one of the bigger pieces broke the outer drum during the spin cycle, which explains why all the water was gushing out when I tried washing another load. Because the drum is broken, the repairman said it would cost a lot to repair and might not be worth it since something else may be broken that he didn’t see. After reading your post, I realize that replacing the drum would have been pointless since the real problem is the flange adapter. I should forward your article to the repairman, in case he runs into this again.

  6. Kevin Clynick says:

    I have the same machine. My spider flange looked exactly the same. Sears Canada ordered a new flange and I had it powdered coated as well before the repair tech could install. Problem is Sears sent the wrong flange. That was 2 years ago, the machine was 2 years old when this happened and it is doing the same thing again. Will not reach max spin because the excessive shaking cuts out vibration sensor. Luckily I have extended warranty but will never buy Samsung again because they refuse to admit it is a design flaw.

    • Mark Vanderberg says:

      Thank you for replying to my post, The more of the replies the more hits on the post I seem to receive. Hopefully it will help others troubleshoot their problems.

      • Evelyn says:

        Thank you for all the information you have provided. Same exacted machine and same exact problem. we almost bought the shock absorbers but I happened to come across your post. Told my husband not to purchase the shock absorber until we check the Flange Adaptor. He wasn’t happy at all but I convinced him to check the flange adaptor and sure enough you were right. Order the flange adaptor and door boot paid $210.00 received the parts last night and already did 3 loads. Guess we paid a little more cause were in the Caribbean. Thanks again.

  7. Melinda says:

    Omg this is exactly why I have had to purchase a new washer machine this week. The flange has to be the rocks that were found in the drain prior to going into the pump. I was also told my kids must have put rocks in the laundry. Which then cut a hole in the “tub” which now if u run the machine water gushes out!

  8. Eugene says:

    Mark did the drum seal fail and allow detergent to damage the flange?

  9. ann says:

    Adding my name to your list! we bought our WF410 ANWXAA in May 2010, with a matching dryer. The washer lasted not quite 6 years, so i guess i’m ahead of some of you but…as we all know…for the amount of money it cost we should have gotten twice that life out of it at the very least. It was banging and rubbing, smelly and clothes weren’t spun enough. We took it apart, determined it is the same problem – spider broken – checked on parts cost, decided to trash it. Although i, along with most of you won’t buy another Samsung, neither will i buy another front loader. Back to the top loader’s which will be just fine. It was fun for awhile having a matched set, but those days are over. no more House & Garden photo shoots for me!

    • Mark Vanderberg says:

      Thank you for adding your comment.

      • Bentley says:

        I have same washer / year and model as ann here. Have mine tore apart and gear is not visibly broken, is it possible a crack that can’t be seen? The bearings and seal are still in good shape and shocks are fine to. This has me wondering if there is another underline defect that has not surfaced yet. Hmm. Thoughts and opinions appreciated. Thanks, Bentley

  10. Joe says:

    Just did this repair on my 5 yr. Old Samsung washer . The tub support did not have much corosion but it did Crack in half.I bought a new tub support $99 and 6 new bolts $23 re-assembled washer and it work like new again.

    Thank you

  11. Lynn says:

    Wish I had seen this sooner. Just purchased a new Samsung Washer last month. Vibrates so bad that it walks into the wall. Put a half cup of water on top and watched with video on how the water splashed over the top of the cup. Samsung service came and said vibration was normal. We added anti vibration pads which did prevent the walking but not the excessive vibration. And this machine advertises VRT technology (vibration reduction technology). I am going to attempt to return this although I don’t know what would be any better. Any suggestions? Top loader?

    • Mark Vanderberg says:

      I definitely would suggest if you get a chance to return that model to definitely get a top loader. But if they will not let you return it I would keep complaining about the library should being excessive. You may have more leverage because it’s under warranty then I did. They didn’t even want to talk to me because of the warranty was up.

      Please keep us up to date if you were able to resolve it. This is helped some people.

    • Lisa says:

      Speed Queen

      • Karen Eyers says:

        I bought one in fall of 2016 and it shakes the whole house! It was professionally installed and Samsung sent someone out who looked at it and said it was fine and that I just don’t understand that this is how much front loaders shake. What? I’ve used other people’s front loaders and it’s not violent!

  12. Mark, thanks for your informative article. We have a Samsung WF218ANW mfg in 2009, and purchased this home 3 weeks ago with the washer part of the deal. The washer is making that banging sound. I ordered the Flange adapter after reviewing your info, and I’m handy and I believe I can get the job done. In your opinion, does the flange adapter come apart on its own from vibration, or can I assume the shaft seal is leaking that caused the failure? I do not have the washer torn down yet.

    • Mark Vanderberg says:

      My experience it broke apart because the casting looks like it was eaten by acid. I think it’s just such a poor quality part. It’s right behind the interior drum so it’s always wet So it’s not a seal.

  13. Nitin Shah says:

    We have a WF419AAW/XAA model, about 5 years old and it has ben vibrating like anything for the last few months. I did not have time to check what was happening, but all the symptoms are what you have described, including it shaking and walking on a spin cycle. Clothes come out wet as the vibration cuts out the spin cycle early. Called SAMSUNG and got no help. They must know about the flange problem. Had a service guy come in and he said $800 to replace the drum assembly. Not sure what to do as I would have to completely open up the machine and work on it. How long wuld it take to fix it oneself? Let me know if it is worth the effort and time or shall we all sue Samsung?


  14. Bill says:

    wf350 anw/xaa…I knew something was wrong but wtf? I bought a spider, new bolts, 2 rear bearings & seal, & ordered a front outer tub(worn thru?) I got 400. in parts & will paint spider with epoxy paint in hopes of longevity? My wife says scrap it & buy a top loader:) but I like fixin stuff & I still have the old top loader which coincidently has a broken flange to tub & isnt sold seperately from drum! (ge). between softened well water & repeated overloading, I’m destined to be a certified repairman for life! lol

  15. shellideli says:

    Bought a Samsung Front Load Washer in 2012. Barely 4 years old. Washer started vibrating badly in the last 5 minutes of the spin cycle. Vibrates so badly, machine cuts from 5 minutes to 1 minute and stops itself. Told by one repair man who didn’t even run it or open up the back or front that it is the bearings. Said it I did it by putting too much soap in the machine. Said these machines and all front load HE machines only take a tablespoon of detergent. Told by another repairman who didn’t even look at it that it is a bad damper, not the bearings. From reading this blog, I think Samsung makes a crappy washing machine. I wish I had room for a top loader but am very limited on space and can only fit in a front loader. Does anyone have input on a good front load washer? Thanks!

    • Bill says:

      shellideli mine is 4.5 yrs old & same deal, wouldnt go into final spin. I took it apart & found the “spider gear” also referred to as the “adapter” which rots out due to “soap” as I have read?? 100.00 part & have to remove outer drum to get to it. I also replaced the 2 bearings & seal which was another 100.00. Then I found the front 1/2 of outer drum/tub worn thru & cracked-another 200.00 then both my weights wouldnt work with the new drum so I ordered weights 50.00 but only received 1?? I had to reorder yet the other 1 & havent received it yet! spent 500.00 but still doing the wash at MY MOM’S! WTF lol I hope it works out……..

  16. How can shock absorbers be checked? How do I know if mine on my washer are bad or not? Thank You, Jenni

  17. Bill says:

    Jenni, ?? those little plastic toys are a joke, I’d say they’re poor quality dampners.

  18. B_Woods says:

    I just completed this repair. $330 for parts (bearing kit from YellowVanHandyman; spider, door seal from Sears PartsDIrect). I am sending parts invoices to Samsung but don’t expect anything – we alreay went around with customer service on the phone. Pretty straightforward repair – only thing I would add is that I used automobile wheel balancing weights to re-balance the drum after installation. Location by trial and error. It’s not perfect but much less vibration on spin than w/o them.

  19. Bradyj says:

    Is it worth getting the part powder coated? Will that help it last longer? Thanks.

    • Mark Vanderberg says:

      Can’t really tell you whether it’s worth it or not yet. The only way I’m going to know is if I have to open the machine up again to see if the coating did anything. But if it lasts longer than 2 years then I will know.

    • Bill says:

      Yes, I would think so. I used epoxy spray paint which was fairly cheap & seems soo much better/nicer for a coating then nothing….

  20. jim patelli says:

    its a lemon…and under CA law they are responsible to repair it.
    I am looking into possible avenues to get Samsung to act on this problem.
    We need to unite and get satisfaction.
    Email me : and if we get many together we can achieve satisfaction.

    • Lisa says:

      Jim it appears you have enough from the posts here to check into this.
      We purchased our matching set from Sears in 2010 also. That seems to be the bad year for Samsung. Mine started making that banging sound a couple months ago, but has always had a vibration problem. I chalked it up to the VRT technology.
      I’ve had it serviced by sears just last year, they checked it out and vouched it was ok.
      But they don’t run it under normal circumstances with clothes inside.
      Anyway, after the banging noise started I had a repair person come out and determine the problem. He said the “struts”. So I purchased all 4 to replace them, as if 1 is bad the others will go bad eventually.
      Husband (I love him) will work on it this weekend.
      with this unit, you have to take the entire housing off to get to the ones in the back, as mine does not have that little panel like in the repair videos. But it is the same model number WF330ANWXAA 02.

      Funny, if the struts are prone to failure for any reason, when you have a machine serviced, it seems to me the service tech would check those for wear.

      But like everything else, run it til it fails, as it is cheaper to replace than repair, once you get to too many parts failing.
      that is the way of the world and how companies are designed to keep selling new product instead of making a product that lasts and getting new sales by word of mouth.

      • Alice says:

        You are correct! Mine is the same- WF 350ANW/XAA 02 only difference for all these is the middle numbers 350 or 330 or 419 or 218, etc…
        mine was made in 2011. It has been doing this for months, but I kept thinking it was the VRT working. While waiting for the Samsung rep.while doing the online chat, I researched & found this page & videos & am so glad I did!!! I told the rep. I found my problem (this problem) was a common issue for this washer & what was Samsung going to do? ….(get ready)….he said he had not heard of this and he would let Samsung know there was an issue !!!!! Supposedly their repair dept will call me back, but that does not seem likely based on what I’ve found in researching this. If you are going to do a class action lawsuit, please include me. I would love for Samsung to do the right thing & repair this since they know it is an issue, even if their chat rep is ‘uninformed’ (trained to pretend) Samsung should know by now don’t wait for the lawsuit & forced to recall.

  21. Dave Bryant says:

    Sounds like I have the same problem with the vibrating in the final spin cycle. My machine is; WF419AAW/XAA. Bought it the end of 2010. We should team up and go after Samsung. Great job on the write up Mark.

    • jim patelli says:

      ok…we should find more dissatisfied owners and get to the top management, they don’t want waves made

      • Dave Bryant says:

        The big key is how do we get the word out. I found Mark’s site with a search on the Internet. How many other folks are out there, and have no idea what the problem is? I’ll need to get a repair person to get it fixed, but at least I can show them others with the same problem. Should I get an authorized Samsung repair person?

        • jim patelli says:

          spoke to Samsung rep, he flat out told me that we are out of luck, no warranty on the spider and already a class action was dismissed by the judge.
          I am just letting the world know what junk those machines are but Samsung could care less!!!
          Another case where the consumer gets it in the ass.

        • chris says:

          I found you guys by an Internet search as well. I have the same problem with the shaking at the end of a spin cycle. There is no sign of a problem externally, so I bet it is the same issue as everybody else. 2010 front load

  22. william friedrich says:

    Mark, you are God sent. Same problem with Samsung washer WF419 after 4 years. Almost ordered shocks but noticed didnt fix problem for some one selling used shocks on Ebay. Thank you for heads up about Samsung, and their bad attitude for selling unreliable junk. When I was growing up I was told appliances will last 15 years. Im 50 years old now and repair new appliances around the house regularly. Will

  23. Eddie O says:

    Mark, you have helped many Samsung or shall I say, x-samsung customers out by saving them time and mental stress in trying to figure out WTH is wrong with their front load washers. I have a WF330ANW/XAA and its been 5 years from when I purchased it and sure enough, I am having exactly the same symptoms. I am not even going to waste time or money on it and just going to trash it. I can buy a new Whirlpool for a couple of hundred more a be done with this aggravation. I bet you that the extended warranty companies are not on to this issue yet, otherwise they may not warranty any samsung front loaders.

    Thanks again Mark!!

    • Dave Bryant says:

      Same for me Eddie. After repairman changed my shocks in my Samsung (told him about flange shaft adapter, but did not know anything about the issue), and had same problem, repairman I should get another machine. So Samsung won, and I got a LG…

  24. JBHandy says:

    I thought i was going crazy along with everyone else finding “rocks” in my washer. my drum actually vibrated so much it burnt my door gasket causing burnt rubber to get on some of my clothes ruining them :/ im not a pro internet guy but i cant argue in times of need its pretty amazing.

  25. KCK says:

    Same exact model and problem…only now it’s leaking water from underneath. Add me to the list. grrr NO MORE SAMSUNG

  26. Tom Holbrook says:

    Thanks for putting this site together Mark. I live in Kitchener Ontario Canada and guess what? Same problem with the Samsung front loading machines up here. In fact You could swap our stories because I experienced exactly the same thing. Same runaround with Samsung, same broken and badly corroded spyder drum support. Only difference here in Canada is the parts cost twice as much.I also fixed my own machine and kept the spyder as a souvenior. Ii notice in Samsung’s recent recall/ safety notice for the exploding top loading machines, they go to great lengths to isolate the problems to just their top loading machines. Has anyone discoverd why the original class action suit on these front loaders was dismissed? I’m still furious about the whole situation and am willing to help the cause in any way I can.

  27. Samuel J Parker says:

    Exact same experience with my 2010 WF419AAW/XAA. Have Sears appliance repair coming next week, will see how they handle it. Count me in for any legal action against Samsung.

  28. Joellen Broughton says:

    We have a Samsung model WF316LAS/XAC front loading washer. Having the same problem of it dancing across the floor accompanied by a lot of noise on final spin. Adjusted the legs ourselves – no improvement, had a tech come down to do it – still no improvement. Another technician said that the floor needed shoring up, so got a carpenter in to build supports in the crawl space under the machine – made no difference. Calls to Samsung resulted in the problem being sloughed off. My husband is 80 years old so can’t go hauling this heavy machine in and out of its location, can’t make repairs on our own, and cannot afford to keep calling in a tech. Mark, you can put us on board for any legal action. Samsung’s washers are on a par with their cell phones as far as we are concerned.

  29. Mike Harshey says:

    Yet another victim… Mine is a little older than most in this post, but has been getting worse. It now will not complete the spin cycle. I could repair it myself, but at the cost of the parts, and time it would take, I think I will replace the washer with a top loader. I WAS a lover of Samsung products; Not anymore. I just paid $1400 for one of there TVs. Now I’m nervous about that. Note 7 phones, these washers, I think Samsung had better do something to stop this, or there in real trouble.

  30. David says:

    I also have a Samsung front loader, it has always had a vibration since purchase, however the vibration balances out and calms down quite a bit, a couple of days ago while finishing up the spin cycle I heard a loud grinding noise, I was unsure of problem, changed setting to medium spin, seemed to help a little bit, my guess would be the tri-flange, did another small load on high spin, I thought washer was going to jump off of stand, so until I get time to repair we are doing smaller loads on a lower spin cycle, of course that means longer drying time which was the main reason for purchasing this particular brand, for less water use and shorter drying times.

  31. Gary Haviland says:

    Samsung seems to sell BAD products…. Have same problem with my front loader ..5 years old and Samsung could care less! Did not waste my time to repair. Bought new washer and dryer, American made and not Samsung!! My thought is to stay away from Samsung products…. Thank You…..

  32. Sue Miers says:

    After reading such bad reviews i have decided once my rocking, shaking front-load Samsung washer finally dies i will buy another brand. Disappointing as it washes so clean but on spin it drives me crazy. You would think Samsung would reply to peoples requests as word of mouth will destroy their business name.
    Good luck with better Designs Samsung.
    Regards Sue

  33. Jerri says:

    we had the exact same problem with our Samsung washer, not even 5 years old. Only the two of us, so it is not from extreme use. Always used recommended laundry products. You actually helped me diagnose the problem from your blog. Ordered the parts, tore it down. Luckily my husband is very handy and runs a body shop. After reading the new part would be no better than the old part. He sandblasted the spider and then filled all of the holes on the spider with fiberglass, sanded it down smooth and coated it with undercoating. hopefully this will stop the breakdown of the spider. We did order the bolts and replaced them. three broke off when we went to remove them. replaced the seal, but it appeared to be fine.
    thanks for your help. this repair can be made and doesn’t have to be taken to an appliance repairman. Time and patience and the right tools! We were not about to throw out a $1,000 washer for $150.00 in parts.
    i have been using it for about a month now, so far running perfectly smooth. But, will not be buying another Samsung product.

  34. David says:

    Same problem with mine. Found pieces of corroded metal in pump impeller. Replaced flange shaft assembly and pump impeller. Seemed to work ok till spin, then would vibrate excessively and slow down spin. Looking for any other possible

  35. mike stephens says:


  36. Jeff says:

    Count me in now too.spider gear is completely gone on 4 year old washing machine. Samsung offered to fix but I have too pay for parts.waiting to see how much they want $.they should have to pay for parts because of manufacturers defect-total posted! Not sure what to do feels like bad idea to buy inferior parts….650 for 4 years, no excuse

    • Bill Fig says:

      My spider went but in addition my front 1/2 plastic drum was worn thru too. iirc I spent like 500 on parts & also cleaned then spray painted the new spider with an epoxy paint from auto store which seems awesome…time will tell lol especially since the ole lady loads it HEAVY! Geesh! lol

  37. Mike says:

    I also had the same problem with the spider going out after 3 1/2 years costing over $ 550. so replaced everything , now 6 months later it is doing the same thing, what a piece of junk Samsung washers are.

  38. James says:

    My WF330ANW/XAA having the same issue after only a few years old.. Machine is leveled, and starts vibrating excessively and knocking. Crazy that I have to take this whole thing apart to get to even check the spider, but definitely sounds what it is based on everyone’s comments. Thanks for sharing!

    • Bill Fig says:

      check the screw out filter on front for debris, remember to drain that small hose 1st

      • Jamie Silvia says:

        Thanks, yeah I found what looked like slate stones, pebbles, etc.. in that front drain filter.. took the machine apart, found a big piece of metal in the fat host underneath the tub too. Have the entire machine apart right now. Parts all just got delivered today, new spider, 6 new spider bolts (as 5 of them broke off like nothing when taking apart), and a new tub seal. The spider bracket itself was filled with gunk and looked to have a few small cracks, but definitely slices of metal coming off of it so I’m sure the integrated of it isn’t too good when the tub is spinning at such high rates. I may have caught this problem early in the process. Hopefully get it all back together tomorrow and this fixes it.

        • Tom says:

          Hey Jamie, thought I’d respond to your posting concerning the washing machine. I replaced the spider assy in my machine, so while its fresh in my mind, I thought I’d share a couple of practical tips.
          Take special care when you put the two halves of the drum back together. Make sure to use the new O ring and take special care installing it and evenly torquing the bolts around the perimeter. Drum always has water in it and will leak if not assembled correctly.
          Interesting to me how Samsung dodged the bullet on the recall of these front loading machines.
          Probably because the top loaders will explode and the front loaders don’t. However I believe both types of machines fail from the same root cause.
          Defective spider castings

  39. Barb says:

    Oh my. I purchased my Samsung front loader at the end of June, 2016. WF42H5000AW. After a month, it started vibrating so much that the spin cycle would stop. The dial would stay on 5 minutes, do a weak small spin, and then stop again. This happened over and over again and the machine would never turn off — just stay on 5 minutes and barely spin.

    I reported it to Samsung — filled out their stupid little on-line form — and they sent out a repairman. Apparently, it was all my fault: too many clothes, too few clothes, an uneven floor. Whatever excuse not to investigate. I was told to: rearrange and remove some of the items (which are sopping wet), add a dry towel, and then change the cycle to “rinse and spin,” and pushing the button for “rinse only.” It didn’t work. It got to the point where I would physically try to hold the washer still, using a cupboard to brace myself. I even climbed up on top of the washer and pressed with all my weight (which isn’t that much). There are now dents from my knees in the top of the washer. I put styrofoam between the wall and the washer and the washer and the dryer. After several tries, I’ve been able to get the darned thing to spin and drain.

    I called Samsung again and the repairman gave me the same lame story. I even had the washer stopped in the “bad” place, and he pushed the off button. He gave me the same advice.

    So, in the last five months, I’ve wasted time, water, and electricity trying to get a few loads of clothes done. It does work occasionally without my help — maybe 30% of the time

    Yesterday, after filing yet another claim, another repairman came out and actually took the time to witness the behavior. The washer “walked” across the floor. He couldn’t fix it yesterday but realized that there is a problem and asked about it at the shop. He has ordered a part and it sounds like the flange adapter you all are talking about.

    Even if that does fix it, what are the chances that the repair will hold after my warranty expires in five months?

    Next time, I want a new washer or a sledge hammer.

    And, if anyone wants to file a class-action suit, I’m in.

  40. Doreen Davenport says:

    Count me in too!!! WF350ANP front load bought Nov 2011. The repair man left and said it was the shock absorbers. Did a load Friday night and it made such a racket I thought someone was breaking in. Smoke was coming out the door. I had this machine repaired three time for balancing problems and had rock looking things around the flange. Out of balance continuously
    I think Samsung knows about this and will not do anything like they did for the top loaders.
    Going to go look at the LG’s !!!

  41. 0chaos says:

    Same as issue here, discovered badly corroded flange last night after disassembling the entire washing machine. Purchase new in 2010 and has gradually been getting worse with the shaking and knocking noise until finally this week it completely stopped spinning. Sounds like it would be a waste of time to repair and probably better off purchasing a new unit of a different brand. I would definitely be interested in any class action activity against Samsung.

  42. Marina says:

    Ok….so I just purchased a Samsung washer dryer which I only used twice because it shakes like crazy in the last 5 min of the spin cycle..i think I ‘ll send it back after what I read here..thanks guys!m

  43. Shelley Malone says:

    Samsung model # WF330ANBXAA04
    Noisy, loud, sounds like it is going to bounce out of utility room. Two weeks ago, March 4-5, 2017, ran a load of clothes, opened the door, smoke and smelled of electrical burn. Called a service person recommended by Lowes, guy came in, looked at washer, said drum was warped. 5-$600.00 to repair. Said reason for electrical burn smell was due to drum rubbing gasket. Disappointed with Samsung.

  44. Alek says:

    Hi Mark, thank you for a great breakdown of the repair and the issue. We have same wf210anw/xaa model. Our unit shakes the whole house. Unit is located on the 2nd floor. We also encountered a new issue, machine gets stuck on a spin cycle and doesn’t stop. Which means we have multiple issues. We got about 6 1/2 years out of it and it doesn’t make sense in trying saving it.
    The question is… are the HE top loaders w/o agitators have similar shaking issues?

  45. Gary Alan says:

    We have a WF328AAW/XAA. Bought about 2009. Sure has been a great product, until last week. It has been making a little more noise the past few months than it did for the first several years. It had been so quiet that you could only hear it when the water was running it it.
    Now it is vibrating in the spin…even with NO clothes in it. Bad enough to shake the machine.
    From what I have read here, I think a new washer is in our future.
    Before this Samsung we had a Speed Queen. It lasted 12 years before the gearbox went up. Before that we had a Maytag bought new in 1971, so it lasted 26 years. I don’t like this pattern. Guess the next new machine will only last 4 years. Plus, that old Maytag washed diapers for 5 kids. The Maytag drier was still going when we bought the new Samsung. 37 years !!

  46. Gary Alan says:

    I misstated in the previous post. We had an Amana washer, not a Speed Queen, before the Samsung

  47. Janet Kroll says:

    My Samsung washer is not that old but it sound like a train going through my laundry room. I really don’t have money for a new washer, but I guess I don’t have a choice because I need to move since my husband passed away. What a rip off.

  48. Yanira says:

    would like to know if anything against Samsung Got mine 7 years ago but still for the price of the items it should last longer. Thinking of repair but checked and only the flange alone is about 230 CAD. what a rip off mine is not even the model mentioned on all of the posts, which means quality is not on their books for any of their products is not only one model affected.

  49. Melanie Campbell says:

    I hate this Samsung washer!!! I just want a washer that washes clothes! This thing shakes like crazy and walks halfway across my laundry room! I’m a single gal and not handy at all.munes 4 years old and this started about a year ago and it’s terrible now. What to do, I’m in on a suit if there is one. This is nuts model WF363BT with VRT what a joke!

  50. It sure sounds like Samsung has some serious problems. I purchased the WF419AAU/XAA washer with matching dryer both in that pretty metallic blue color in january, 2010. Three years in I had that loud vibrating spin problem. Samsung had a repair company come out. They said it needed a whole new outside & inside drum assembly. That repair came in at $817.97. The purchase price was $1199.99 before best buy sale of $240 off. Already my machine almost doubled in price. I was lucky enough that the warranty covered the repairs expect $62.05 out of my pocket. Why that was I have no idea! Here we are 10/16 and the noise seems to be starting again. It’s gotten so bad that I had a repair person come out & was told it was the same problem as before. Obviously, I won’t have it repaired this time since warranty is long over. The annoying part of this story is that the outer drum assembly has been discontinued with no replacement. Even if I wanted to repair it, Samsung has taken that choice away from me. Is it me, or does that seem like it should be illegal??? Like the rest of you, no more Samsung for me and I’m going to make sure that I tell everyone I know!!

  51. Yanira says:

    I wanted to thank you for such a valuable I formation. I was able to get the repair part at the repair and my brother and my husband replace it. Sure enough all the sighs were there it was the flange it looked like wet sand from corruption. I could not believe how cheap the material it is ….very bad design and material choice. I was also able to get powder coated so it has been a week since the repair but could not be more glad to find this blog save us a lot of money. Thanks again

  52. Coop says:

    Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for this, as I was trying to determine what was going on with my wf210anw/xaa model. I figured someone had left a rock in their pocket and it went to town on the insides of the machine as I found “rock” bits in the filter too. To go along with the excessive vibration was a significant burning smell, so I think it’s safe to say I’ll just be getting a new machine. One thing’s for sure, it won’t be a Samsung.

  53. Frances Moody says:

    I have the same problem They need to take this washing machine off the market. All I can say is this washer is just gross!!!!!!!

  54. Earl Denney says:

    We purchased a WF393 BT in Jan 2015 and your description fits our issue completely. When I called Samsung they told me there were no techs in our area. Raleigh NC?? Really ? I’ll take care of it myself as I’m retired & am not going to spend the money for someone else to screw it up & I still have to pay. I too will never buy another Samsung & I’ll discourage others from buying their products. Very disappointed !!

  55. Earl Denney says:

    As a follow up…it was not the spider arm. I tore the washer completely apart and found the spider arm in very good condition. The bearing was fine. I ordered & installed all 4 shocks. The washer worked for about 6 loads but it had to balance the load several times to spin out. Today it won’t balance even EMPTY!!!Really frustrated with this piece of expensive junk.

  56. Bill McMillen says:

    I have a Samsung VRT FRont Load Washer WF350ANP X AA03 with exactly the same problem. I cantacted Samsung Support and they said I would have to have 1 of their “Certified” Technicans look at it. I told them Sears Sold it and so I had their technician tell me it was a Bad Spider Bearing and that it was out of warranty. Service charge $140. Now Samaung tells me I have to pay to have 1 of there “Certified” technicians tell me the same thing (And have to pay for the service call).
    The the rep says she could not say whether Samsung would do anything after it was checked out.

    After paying almot $2000 for what was supposed to be ‘QUALITY’, I find it rediculous to keep paying to have a piece of JUNK repaired (Over $500 for repair) Some how, Samsung should be made to pay. I am not sure how.

    JUNK. I will check out Frigidair, LG and anything but Samsung.

    • garvies says:

      Don’t buy LG either – Exact same problem with LG WM2016CW. Coroded and broken spider after just a few years. Seems all these brands use the same cheap quality parts. People are paying high end money in hoping that they will get a quality product, but its all the same junk. We have to hold these companies accountable, they are robbing us blind.

  57. edelbug says:

    Add my name to the list of Samsung washers with the same issue – but mine was about 10 years old before the issue occurred.

  58. Gordon says:

    Thank you for the excellent info. Our Samsung washer is having the same issue with high vibration. I had repair shop came out, they replace the shocks and door seal. The new seal was destroyed in 2 weeks, my wife also found “rocks” in the bottom of the door seal. Repair came back out, and said the spider was cracked and it would be an expensive repair.

    Our dryer has been shredding our clothes as well, my wife is completely done with Samsung. We will likely replace them both with Whirlpool or Maytag.

  59. Jim says:

    Add one more to the list of failed Samsung front loaders.. Five year old WF419AAU/XAA with exactly this terrible vibration problem that keeps it from completing the spin cycle. We tried replacing the shocks to no avail. It looks like too much trouble and cost to attempt replacing the flange, bearings, seal and whatever other damaged part from the white plastic debris in the drum. Since this is a known issue for Samsung and they have not resolved it by recalling defective machines, it appears to be a case of “designed to fail”. The previous Whirlpool lasted 21 years – we should have repaired that one instead of buying this junk.

  60. Jim T. says:

    Same issue. Getting ready to replace the second spider. I’ve been round and round with Samsung with them offering nothing.

  61. bill says:

    Wow 2nd one, that sucks! I did the overhaul 1.5 yrs ago…hope its doing good in there??? I also spray painted the new spider with 2 coats of epoxy paint before install….

  62. Judy Thrasher says:

    Thank you for all of the postings. I bought mine in 2010, but it has been rocking the house for about 4 years! As a single person unable to fix it myself, I will let it continue until it goes out. What a disappointment and definitely a waste of much needed money! Never buying front load or Samsung products again!

  63. Jamyn Shanley says:

    My Samsung WF350ANP, bought 03/12, lasted 5 years and cost $900 new (on sale). That’s $180/year, plus whatever it’s going to cost to fix it. Not impressed.

  64. Aleksander Haviari says:

    The same exact thing happened to me on Samsung Model WF328AAW/XAA02, excessive vibration for long time damaged spider flange and door boot, replaced both (painted the flange) and voila back in the business for another 5-7 years

  65. Steve Sampson says:

    I have Samsung WF328AAW/XAA same problem spider flange was corroded\broken causing out of balance. Tore machine apart ( 2 hour job) only to find out that replacement part (DC97-12528A) is no longer available. Pump was also destroyed after it filled up with broken flange pieces. What a poor design and to rub salt into the wound they stop making repair parts. God only knows why, there is a tremendous demand for them to fix poor design. Now I understand why you see on Graigslist 10 Samsung dryers for every washer, most washers have self destructed!!!! SAD, JUST SAD SAMSUNG! AVOID THEIR FRONT LOAD WASHERS LIKE THE PLAGUE!!

  66. Dan Garkusha says:

    Apparently, using chlorine bleach (such as “Clorox”) or a laundry detergent with Ph level above 8.0 (such as “Tide”) will corrode untreated aluminum which is what the spider arm is made from. You can read more about it here:

    In other words, it was made to fail a.k.a planned obsolescence on behalf of Samsung and other Asian-based manufactures (I am looking at you LG). You must understand that “quality” and “brand-name” mean nothing to them – it’s just not part of their culture and, more importantly, is definitely not part of their business model. They’ll say or do anything to sell you the thing that they KNOW will break in a few years. Why? Well, isn’t it obvious – so that you come back for parts+service or for another one of their time-bombs. Long story short, chose your next brand wisely…

  67. Dan Garkusha says:

    Farther reading revealed that MOST, if not all, manufactures use aluminum-cast spiders and their failure rate may depend on a number of factors:
    – Design flaws; poor quality materials; manufacturing defects
    – Excessive use of bleach and concentrated detergents (deteriorates the aluminum)
    – Cold vs. warm washes (warm is better, apparently)
    – Leaving the door open or closed (better leave it open)
    – Rinsing off the machine (helps prevent residue from building up on the spider)

    The way I see it, given the number of things that affect longevity of this component, there is no way you can prevent it from failing even with minimal use. So, either accept it, and be prepared to replace the damn thing in a few years or find other means to do your laundry…

    • bill says:

      I had to overhaul ours 1.5 yrs ago but applied 3 coats of epoxy paint on spider first so we shall see if it helps? got the paint from a normal car parts store…

      • Dan Garkusha says:

        Did you have to prep the part (clean it, prime it) for the paint to adhere properly?

        • bill says:

          omg I cant recall! I’m sure I would have sprayed new part with a part cleaner, then if required, a coat(probably 2) of primer, I guess I used black appliance epoxy paint from home depot. I replaced the bearing & seal on spider also…as well as a new outer drum(both halves & its seal) which also then required the new style weights! mine was wf350anr also. I spent close to 500.00 in parts when done! and yes….my s/o still never misses an opportunity to load the crap out of it! lol

  68. Linny says:

    Same problem .Our washer is 7 years old. Going to buy new machine. Never Samsung.

  69. Sean Holt says:

    Same problem smoke noise and violent shacking little rocks add my name to the list if class action law suit is going. I have bought so much from them but everything including their phones seem to quit very shortly after normal use. Never again!

  70. My Nguyen says:

    Hello Mark, thank you for your report. our machine is 7 years old and starting showing the problem of burning rubber smell, loud noise at spinning cycle and the clothes remained wetter than usual. From my various reading, it seems the problem is similar to your machine. My hubby is not going to pull the machine apart and it costs $125 to have a Samsung recommended technician to come have a look. Do you think we should just go ahead buy a new machine at this stage. should i continue using it until it die out? now I lighten the load and the burnt smell seems occur only when there is heavy stuff like towels in the load.

  71. says:

    Thanks for this information, Mark. Your detail has proven to me that (1) Samsung appliances are trash and I will never buy another and (2) I would not want to consider invest my time into replacing the flange shaft adapter because the POS appliance would probably break down again with some other poorly engineered part. I should have known when the washing machine started to develop rust in areas that I thought were not typical. Then again, I really should have known 5 years ago when a friend gave me his Samsung TV that caused him so many problems since purchase that he just wanted it out of his house. Thanks again for the great detail!

  72. Brian says:

    HI have a Kenmore (built by Samsung) front load washer and at first had an E3 error. This turned out to be a loose connection on the Hall effect sensor and once redone/tightened up this stopped. Then I ran a wash cycle and it wouldn’t spin fast enough to dry the clothes because of vibration. After reading what all the previous posters said, I figured the spider arms were done for. Took it apart and to my surprise it was fine other than a bit of pitting etc so I cleaned up up with muriatic acid. This worked great! Then I painted it with epoxy paint as others suggested. I had a look at the bearings and decided to replace them too as the outside of the bearings had a bit of rust on them. So got 6305 and 6306 rubber seal (RS) bearings and replace them too. The seal looked fine. I also removed the vibration rings and saw that there was still oil in them and the balls were running free’ish – moved slowly because of the viscosity of the oil in the rings but they did move around and settled at the bottom of the rings fairly fast. They appeared to be still fine. So I re-assembled it and thought I was good to go. Tried to run a Spin Only cycle and once it started to speed up, it reset back to 10 minutes from about 8 and this continued for about a hour at which time I ended the pain.
    Called Samsung. No help there other than “Call a Tech” Nope – not going to do that. The shock absorbers seem OK but no real way to test them. I tried jamming blocks of 2*4 between the drum and the sides and of course this didn’t help the problem. I don’t think the shocks would eliminate the vibration that occurs as the spin speeds up.

    I’m wondering if the temperature of the washer is causing my issue of vibration – I’m trying to fix this sucker in my garage and it is getting cool out now. I think what might be going on is that the oil in the Vib Rings is too viscous because of the lower than normal temps (probably 40F) and not allowing the balls to do their job. Any thought on that from anyone? Also – I’ll try bringing the machine back into the house to let it warm up, and try again (PITA) – but I’m also considering removing the balance rings but that involves disassembly again. I have an older Kenmore/ Electrolux front load (spider arms not available) and there are no balance rings on it and I don’t have any issues with vibration as long as the load isn’t too large or gets off balance.
    Your thoughts on temperature effects on the Vib Rings and removing the vibration rings altogether please.

    I think the spider arm problem is galvanic corrosion and it reminds me of what the anode inside my hot water tank does – an aluminum or magnesium rod that is there to corrode first before the steel tank. This anode is designed to corrode first before the tank develops a hole (to last for the warranty period) and my guess is that the cast aluminum spider (or flange) is corroding before the stainless drum – just like the anode is designed to do. So – designed to fail depending on the type of water used – pH affects this corrosion rate. Also I cleaned the spider arms, there was lots of wet goo between the arms and the stainless drum – an ideal environment to promote corrosion. I think these arms are designed to fail much like the anode in a hot water tank!
    Best to leave the door open between washes to try to let this dry a bit.
    Thanks for reading…and your comments.

  73. Kim says:

    Another victim… WF210 Front loader… Less than 7 years old… appliance guy out yesterday and said bearings were shot & more expensive to fix then the machine is worth. Advised us to go buy a new Maytag or Whirpool top loader. Of course, we bought the washer dryer set, so now what! there’s a 5 inch height difference betweek top and front loaders!! GRRRRRRRR.

    Joining the ranks of NEVER buying Samsung appliances again. POS

  74. Brian says:

    I took the balance rings out and re-assembled. Empty, the washer spun fast with no vibration. Great I thought. Tried a small load. Back to the drawing board. Vibration still there with a few clothes in it so removing the balance rings didn’t help the overall problem. Lots of others on other forums with the same issue. Grrrrr*2

  75. Brian says:

    I did try phoning Samsung for some sort of assistance but all they told me was that I’d need to get a service guy out to have a look. Well that wasn’t going to happen – I wasn’t going to pay someone else to come and guess what could be wrong. I think that if I was going to try to throw parts at this washer, I’d end up replacing the 4 shocks and the balance rings and who knows if that would fix the issue. As others have said – I won’t buy another Samsung appliance. The phone and TV seem to be OK (well capacitors on the TV went and I replaced them successfully) but I’ve heard horror stories about fridges and now washers.
    This one is going to be recycled. Too bad too – it has new bearings and a painted spider. If only it was relaible.

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