Samsung Washer Repair – Excessive Vibration

Note: The washing machine below that I will be discussing is the Samsung WF210 ANW/XAA

So couple weeks ago I wife mentioned that our washing machine was making a vibrating sound during the spin cycle. the wash machine is kept in our basement so I went down to investigate. Running it through a cycle which for a front loader is considerably longer than a top loader machine.

When we did get to the spin cycle it was vibrating considerably louder than normal. So we got out the troubleshooting manual and checked all the normal items off the list.

  • Is machine level
  • Load balanced properly
  • Not an excessive amount of soap

Everything was okay so it had to be something else.

Started a chat session with Samsung on their tech support site. Which they were no help they just ran me through everything I’ve already had done. so I asked if they had some online documentation for a more extensive troubleshooting and repair of the machine. They said no they do not recommend anyone other than a certified appliance repair person to work on them. I said I’m pretty handy and I think I can take care of it if I had the documentation. They said I could buy some….. No I don’t think so.

Watched a few YouTube videos but could not find one for my exact machine. It turns out that a lot of front loader machines are fairly similar. Removing the front of our machine and thought I found the problem with 2 shock absorbers that appeared not to be working very well.

It was late on a Friday night what I thought was the problem.

Samsung wash machine shock absorber (LEFT) Samsung wash machine shock absorber (RIGHT)
Saturday morning I went down to my local appliance repair parts store first thing at 8 AM when they opened.

Found out they do not carry Samsung parts and that nobody locally does. Had to get on the Internet and find the shock absorbers. Problem was that most places only had one. I needed to replace all four. Front two only seem like the bad ones but if I’m in there armadas will replace all of them. They were less than nine dollars apiece. Ended up purchasing two of them from eBay from someone in state and then found another online store that had two more.

When they came in I replaced the front two and then check the back two to find that they were perfectly good. Side and replace them.

Now the test……. pretty much no change. If anything may be slightly louder.

By this time we were running a little short on clothing so I let my wife use the machine as is until I can investigate further.

Took me about a week to get back to look at it. In that time my wife had done some research on the Internet. She saw that some people were having problems with an item that they call the flange adapter. It’s the item that attaches the inner drum to a shaft that is spun by the motor.

It looked like a lot of work and something I really did not start doing. You have to tear the entire machine apart to take the drum all part.

Did end up taking the machine apart April 24, 2014 and everything my wife had read about the flange adapter being the problem. It was so corroded and rotted and broken into spots. This is the reason why it was vibrating so badly.

Question how can something get so badly corroded and broke in a washing machine that is just under four years old. Again my wife saw reports of people that said it happened in only two years. Also looks like there had been a class action lawsuit about the problem.

I contacted Samsung after finding the damage. I was told that the warranted was only for 12 months and it is extended to 15 months if you register online. I had asked if they could escalate this to a supervisor. They agreed and took all my information so that somebody could call me. At the time of this post more than 24 hours has passed and I have not received a phone call. They have my home number and my cell number. I don’t expect to receive one and I have ordered a replacement part.

We will probably replace the bearings just because it’s a vibration might have damaged them. Also some had reported that when pieces of the flange shaft adapter broke off they got into the pump and broke off the propeller blades. I took ours apart and there appears to be no damage. Luckily the filter basket  caught the ones that we found.

The plan is to have a friend of mine that does powder coating to powder coat the replacement part so that it does not corrode like the original. Sure do not want to have to do this every four years.

Also we’ve decided not to purchase Samsung appliances and electronics in the future.

Samsung Washer Repair – Part 2

UPDATED: Added the videos below on January 19 2016 (videos not done by me but I thought they would be helpful)

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