Virtual Private Servers – 005

Most of Saturday, January 22, 2009 was spent looking for the best and inexpensive virtual private server to upgrade to.

Primary servers I use are with 1& and because I have used them for so many years I am quite familiar with their unique management system. There are some people out there that do not care for the way they do things but because I had never used anything before I am quite familiar with now.1&1

But it is a real problem when I try other hosting companies because their management systems are entirely different. A lot of the hosting companies I have tested over the years use cPanel. We also have a secondary server on a host that is using cPanel and I hate having to use it. There must be enough complaints out there about it that some of the hosting companies are trying to start skinning it themselves to make it more user friendly.

I tested out and they did a pretty decent job at hiding cPanel but there were still some very annoying things left.


Also been testing out on using Plesk. Plesk is totally different than any management system that I have used and it will probably take some time getting used to it but it looks like it is fairly simple but slightly more complicated than the management system that 1& is using. I think the real key here is to be able to have enough flexibility to do more advanced tasks in the management system but not make it so overly complicated that only the high-end server geek can understand it.


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