Starting Again – 003

Well after creating this audio journal/blog over six months ago and telling myself I was going to try to do it several times a week. We can all see by the website that I did not. Never even submitted the feed to iTunes and even forgot the website will still active.

So I came across my efforts again today and decided I was going to start it back up and have even submitted the feed to iTunes tonight. No promises on how far this will go but I would like to use it to talk about things that just don’t seem to fit anywhere else on any of my other podcasts.

The meantime consumer or for today was been able to update a WordPress install that was using a MySQL 4 database to a MySQL 5 database. This was something I needed to do because WordPress no longer supports MySQL 4 and I was unable to update my WordPress installation with the newest security fixes.

But you could listen to all that in the podcast/journal.

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